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September 12, 2004





This notice is to inform all affiliated members of Jundokan Okinawa, that as of the 23rd of June 2004, the Jundokan Dojo has withdrawn from the Okinawa Gojuryu Kyokai (Association).

Following the passing of Miyazato Eiichi Sensei, certain members of the Okinawa Gojuryu Kyokai began efforts to make Jundokan a branch dojo of the Japan Gojukai organization. The subsequent selection of a new chairman for the association from a Jundokan Branch Dojo made it virtually impossible for the Jundokan to preserve the teachings of Miyazato Sensei within the association.

It is therefore our decision to withdraw from the association in order to preserve the Okinawa Gojuryu Karate that has been taught at the Jundokan since its founding 50 years ago. With this move, Jundokan will be able to continue the traditions as passed to Miyazato Sensei by Okinawa Gojuryu Karate founder Miyagi Chojun Sensei.

The Jundokan has NOT changed. Under the guidance of Yoshihiro Miyazato Kancho, Tetsunosuke Yasuda Sensei, Seikichi Kinjo Sensei, and Yoshishige Omine Sensei, the Jundokan and all it’s members have committed themselves to preserving the traditions of Okinawa Gojuryu Karate as taught by Miyazato Eiichi Sensei and in doing so honouring the memory of a great man.

In August of this year, the Okinawa Gojuryu Karate Do So Honbu - Jundokan held its first grading tests since regaining its independence. The tests were a success and will be held twice a year in March and August each year.

The Jundokan remains the same and as always, welcomes its overseas affiliate members. We must however, ask you to please consider your future in Gojuryu and take time to decide whether the best path for you lies in affiliation to the Jundokan and Miyazato Sensei’s traditional Gojuryu teachings, or in affliation to the Association and Gojukai. We would appreciate an indication as to where your loyalty lies.

From this point on, there shall be no area representatives or so-called Shibu-cho. All affiliate dojos are considered equal and shall report directly to the Sohonbu - Jundokan.


Yoshihiro Miyazato





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